Comme Sá specializes in crafting exquisite cabinets tailored to individual needs.


Comme Sá’s skilled carpenters create finely detailed woodwork with precision.

Custom Finishing

Comme Sá offers customized finishing touches that enhance the beauty and uniqueness of each piece.

Sheet Metalwork And Machining

Comme Sá expertly works with sheet metal, employing advanced machining techniques to create stunning designs.

Fine Metalwork And Finishing

Comme Sá’s artisans excel in fine metalwork, producing exquisite finishes and details.

Presentation Tray Production

Comme Sá designs and produces elegant presentation trays for displaying products.

Natural Stones

Comme Sá incorporates natural stones into their designs, adding elegance and sophistication.

Electricity And Digital Integration

Comme Sá seamlessly integrates electrical and digital components into their designs for enhanced functionality.

Sheathing And Upholstery

Comme Sá offers top-quality sheathing and upholstery services, ensuring comfort and style.